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Hemingways Bike Ride MagSafe Tough iPhone Case

Hemingways Bike Ride MagSafe Tough iPhone Case

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Introducing Hemingway's Bike Ride Phone Case: Where Aesthetics and Functionality Unite

Experience the fusion of style and durability with the Hemingway's Bike Ride MagSafe case. Crafted for both form and function, this case is designed to protect your phone while showcasing a whimsical cat riding a bike design.

Key Features: 📱 Dual-Layer Polycarbonate Build: Our MagSafe case boasts a dual-layer polycarbonate construction that ensures top-notch protection for your device. Its flexible and impact-resistant nature guarantees the safety of your phone.

✨ Glossy Finish: glossy premium finish to match your personal style and preferences.

🌈 Full-Wrap Print: Hemingway's Bike Ride design fully wraps around the exterior surface of the case, delivering a stunning visual experience.

🪙 Embedded Magnet: Equipped with an embedded magnet, this case enhances compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories, ensuring a seamless user experience. (Please note that compatibility with non-Apple brand chargers is not guaranteed.)

🛡️ Cushioned Inner TPU Layer: The inner layer of the case is made with black, cushioned TPU material, providing additional protection for your phone. (Slight variations in color and texture may occur.)

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